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The Folk Art Academy

is a subscription which automatically renews each month . You will have access to all the courses 24/7 for as long as you are a member. Alternatively, you can purchase individual courses at £30 per course

  • All Courses are suitable for students who have completed the Beginners Masterclass or have studied the basic foundation skills in Folk Art Painting elsewhere. See FAQ's for skills required.

  • Courses will include brand new skills, skill building, projects, mindful painting and design packs.

  • Two new courses will be added each month. So you can begin each month with a new goal!


  • What Folk Art Painting skills will I need to join The Academy

    The Folk Art Academy is for painters that have a basic knowledge of Folk Art Painting skills . If you have studied the Beginners Masterclass, then you're good to join. If you have studied else where you will need to know how to paint the following. Comma Stroke, S Stroke, C Stroke, Pivot Stroke and the following techniques - how to use a liner brush, stippling, double blending & tipping. For details of the Beginners Masterclass see the link below.

  • What kind of Courses are included in The Academy

    A few examples of courses are: Background finishes Mindful Painting Traditional Folk Art Painting Borders Design Packs Colour Theory Design Theory Fruits & florals Teddies Christmas themes We promise you will never get bored!

  • Can I cancel my subscription

    Yes, the Monthly Membership can be cancelled at any time. Your subscription will be valid for 1 month from your last payment. Please note that the Annual Membership cannot be cancelled and will remain valid for the full 12 months.